Drake University Wesley Foundation

Nineteen first-year students at Drake University have been exploring faith this fall with Ted Lyddon Hatten, an artist who also serves at the director of the Wesley Foundation there. Guests can learn more about their conversations by viewing Seeing ~ Believing: an exhibition of visual manifestations of belief. The display is now open through December 17th at the Wesley House Gallery, 2718 University, Des Moines, Iowa.


We “have been wrestling with weighty questions about the nature of belief and the limitations of seeing,” he explained. “Over the course of the semester, we have looked at the difference between sacred and profane, between sight and blindness, between art and propaganda. We have discovered that some things are easier to believe if they are not seen, while others are impossible to believe unless they are seen.”

The Wesley Foundation at Drake University is one of several United Methodist campus ministries in Iowa. Each Wesley Foundation serves as an extension of our local churches as students are experiencing one of the most significant times of faith development in their lives. Apportionment gifts from the United Methodist churches of Iowa will provide $111,768 to support the Wesley Foundation ministries at Drake University in 2016.

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