Field Outreach Ministers

Local church leaders gathered on the campus of Morningside College recently to explore how every congregation is uniquely created by God for its mission in the world. Bryan Rose presented the basic principles of a book entitled Church Unique, which is a new resource being utilized with the Healthy Church Initiative (HCI) across the Iowa Conference.

The basic assumption of the book is that “God is up to something both cosmically significant and locally specific” in the lives of each of our churches. It inspires and equips congregations and their leaders to discern, develop, and deliver on a clear, compelling, and shared picture of where God is leading them. christenson-ryan

Ryan Christenson (pictured), the Field Outreach Minister for the Northwest District, helped to coordinate the training event, which was held on November 16-17. He and his seven colleagues work with local churches to develop partnerships among laity and clergy through processes such as HCI to strengthen our ability to make disciples of Jesus Christ for the transformation of the world.

Field Outreach Ministers serve with a Conference Superintendent and an Administrative Assistant in each of eight districts across the state. The total investment in 2016 related to these district ministry teams is $3.1 million, which represents about 25% of conference apportionments contributed by the local churches of Iowa.

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