Overcoming Homelessness

A young woman sleeping on a garage floor came to Shesler Hall last year to get her life back in order. She had been struggling “with a life filled with drugs and alcohol.”

shesler-hallShesler Hall is a home for women in need located in Sioux City that provides transitional housing to women in need. Their Emergency Shelter Program serves homeless or near homeless women who have no means of support. These women may stay for up to thirty days or longer at no cost, depending upon their situation.

Guests receive a completely furnished room, including a dresser, nightstand, desk and desk chair. “I remember how relieved I was to see a bed and my own room,” the young woman said.

Two meals a day are provided with additional food available that they can fix on their own. Just before dinner residents gather in the dining room to share announcements, the concerns of the days, and special accomplishments they can celebrate together. A Bible passage is read for evening devotions.

“I have now gotten back to a place to stabilize my mental health” with help from Shesler Hall, the young woman said. “I credit them with reuniting me with my daughter and an new apartment.”

Shesler Hall received a $10,000 grant in 2017 made possible through the apportionment gifts of the United Methodist churches of Iowa.


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