Wesley UMC, Mason City

“There is a message in our bricks,” declares Wesley United Methodist Church in Mason City. “They aren’t your usual bricks. They are rejected bricks—the ones that had flaws and imperfections, the ones who had been judged to be ‘not good enough.’ ” wesley.mason.city

This understanding of themselves has helped them embrace ministry to care for persons struggling with mental health issues. Their Wesley Family Outreach Ministry offers free, informal consultations with a trained and experienced clinical social worker at no cost to anyone in the community.

Ken Zimmerman, a licensed independent social work with forty years of experience who serves as the ministry’s director, is a difference maker. “Life isn’t easy,” he explains. “A lot of us struggle and have questions.” When individuals are feeling overwhelmed with worries or hang-ups, he is available to talk.

The Wesley Family Outreach Ministry has been supported in part by a Matthew 25 grant of $3,000 from the North Central District, which is made possible with apportionment gifts from United Methodist churches across the state of Iowa. “If you are looking for a church of people just like you who want to experience God’s love and be transformed by that love,” their website boldly states, “welcome to Wesley United Methodist Church!”


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