Simpson Youth Academy

In the summer of 2017, a diverse group of rising high school juniors and seniors will be gathering at Simpson College for a ten-day community experience of Christian theological education. The Simpson Youth Academy will help students explore difficult questions about God through worship, service and reflection.

simpson-youth-academyEric Rucker, the director of the academy, says, “We have hired a great group of college staff members as well as two strong faculty from United Methodist seminaries to teach the students.”

For nine months following their residency on campus this summer, students will be matched with a local pastor or community leader with whom they will meet regularly for a year. They also will be able to connect with each other online and in-person through retreats and reunions to continue growing and learning.

In the spring of 2018, the students will plan and implement a project related to worship or service, aimed at making a real impact for good in the communities in which they live. Visit the Simpson College website for more information about applying for this summer’s program.

The Iowa Conference invested $24,730 toward ministries at Simpson College in 2015. These funds were made possible with apportionment gifts from United Methodist churches throughout the state.

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