Dream Weavers

Thrive, our newest United Methodist church in West Des Moines, believes that small groups are essential for nurturing spiritual life in a community of faith.dream-weavers One of the new small group options starting in February is called Dream Weavers.

They are asking, “Curious about dreams and what they mean? You’re not alone!”

Group members will be sharing dreams with each other and exploring together how dreams might help them learn more about themselves and deepen their spiritual experience.

Small groups at Thrive are a place to ask questions, get to know people, support one another, learn new things, intentionally grow in faith, be vulnerable, express doubts and fears and, of course, have fun. “This is where we do real life as a community. This is where we live life more fully.”

The Dream Weavers group is meeting on the first and third Monday evenings of the month at the West Des Moines Public Library. Other small groups this season will be exploring these topics: parenting, five disciplines for a more meaningful life, and a look at Adam Hamilton’s book Making Sense of the Bible.

The Iowa Conference invested $80,000 in 2016 to support this emerging community of faith with funds made possible through the apportionment gifts of local United Methodist churches across the state.

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