Hillcrest Family Services

Faith plays a key role in the work of Hillcrest Family Services, which “enhances the lives of children, families, and adults in need by teaching skills” to help them “gain greater control of their lives.” Spirituality helps their clients build their confidence and strengthen their community ties.


Greg, for instance, first came to Hillcrest a year ago in the summer and”might have attended chapel once,” their chaplain, Dana Perreard, reported. But when Greg returned to Hillcrest for help a second time, something was different. He had swallowed a lot of pills in a moment of crisis and felt his liver shutting down. The experience changed his life and led him to reverse his destructive habits. Greg is still struggling with his condition and needs to continue taking his recovery seriously. Nevertheless, his engagement in chapel and Bible study has been non-stop since his return. The spiritual support from Hillcrest is making a difference in Greg’s life.

Based in Dubuque, Hillcrest serves 24,000 people across all eight districts of the Iowa Conference. Last year the Community and Institutional Ministries standing committee of the Board of Global Ministries contributed $8,500 to Hillcrest Family Services. These funds were made possible through the apportionment gifts of United Methodist churches across the state.

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