Human Resources Office

More than 800 active and retired clergy as well as lay staff members of the Iowa Conference have access to health and pension benefits through the Human Resources Office. Two full-time staff and their part-time support are active this month in the enrollment process as clergy and staff make choices about their coverage for 2017.


The Iowa Conference Board of Pension and Health Benefits (CBOP) oversees this ministry. The Book of Discipline outlines their responsibilities for “providing for and contributing to the support, relief, assistance, and pensioning of clergy and their families, other church workers, and lay employees of The United Methodist Church, its institutions, organizations, and agencies within the Annual Conference.”

The CBOP is actively studying current health care legislation in order to respond to the changing health insurance industry and current laws. In addition, the board is working on the development of a funding strategy to deal with the conference’s long-term pension funding. These efforts help local churches provide the best care for the most affordable cost.

The Iowa Conference has budgeted $103,898 in 2017 for the ministry of the Human Resources office. These funds are made possible through the apportionment gifts of United Methodist churches throughout the state of Iowa.

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