Religious Studies

Students at Morningside College are being prepared for vocations in ministry, counseling, teaching, youth work and administration to strengthen the future of The United Methodist Church and its engagement with the world.

religious-studiesThe Religious Studies program provides personal attention to tailor studies to each student’s specific interests. The curriculum addresses such topics as biblical studies, ethics, theology, world religions, religious history, Native American religions and African American religions.

The courses deepen the knowledge and understanding students have of a variety of religious traditions as well as their own. The classes build a strong personal framework of ethics and principles while building spiritual maturity.

Morningside College also serves as the host for the Upper Midwest Course of Study School in order to train part-time local pastors from Iowa, the Dakotas and Minnesota. In addition, the campus is one of the sites for the Iowa School for Lay Ministry, which equips laity for leadership and service in their local churches and communities.

The college is accredited by a number of academic institutions, including the University Senate of The United Methodist Church, to meet the highest educational standards. Local churches in the Iowa Conference are contributing $71,000 to the ministries of Morningside College through their annual apportionment gifts.

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