VBS in Bonaparte

Allison Engel is one of the summer staff for Mobile United Methodist Missionaries (MUMM), which serves mostly rural communities in the Southeast, Southwest and South Central Districts of the United Methodist Church in Iowa.

Vacation Bible School is the focus of Allison’s work. She brings her skills as a teacher to ministry with children each summer to help local churches reach out beyond the members of their congregations to share God’s love with their communities.

In June, for example, she was in the village of Bonaparte in Van Buren County. She was casting a Bible story skit and asked one boy, “Would you be Jesus for me?” The nine-year-old youngster replied, “Of course. It would be an honor to be Jesus this morning.” In a child’s simple answer was a profound statement about the impact that faith has on our lives and those we reach as servants of God.

Allison reflected on the moment in her blog. “Rarely do (the children) use those words, but the request is real and you can see it in their eyes. May I always respond as gracefully as this little boy did.”

Apportionment gifts of $45,000 in 2017 from the United Methodist churches of Iowa will help MUMM continue their work in the coming year.

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