Welcoming New Students

Collegiate/Wesley, our United Methodist presence on the campus of Iowa State University, greeted new students recently as they arrived on campus for the fall semester.CW-Logo

Students and their families received hospitality from Collegiate/Wesley on move-in days. Their parking lot was available to ease the burden of finding an empty space along the busy streets. They also served pancakes on their patio, allowing students, parents, siblings and roommates a chance to take a break from settling in the dorms—and enjoy some free food!

One family member expressed gratitude in the following note:

My daughter received your Wesley Foundation newsletter welcoming her to Ames. Thank you for your neat newsletter full of fun, safe events for the college kids. What a great outreach!

We took our freshman daughter to her dorm yesterday for move-in day. Having the offer to park so close in your Sheldon Ave. parking lot was a wonderful blessing for us middle-aged parents on a nice sunny and hot summer day. We used your parking lot for a few hours. It made our move-in experience even nicer.

I hope my daughter comes for your midnight pancakes in September. I’ll send her your website link. She loved pancakes. THANK YOU! 🙂

Apportionment gifts of $374,987 from the United Methodist churches of Iowa will help to support this campus ministry in 2017.

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