Change a Child’s Story

Patty Link

Patty Link recently joined the Iowa Conference staff as an advocate for Change a Child’s Story. Her work with local churches and their leaders to help children develop literacy skills is supported with apportionment gifts from the United Methodist churches of Iowa. Children with good reading habits by the third grade are far less likely to be living in poverty later in life.

Peg Liebsch and Jo Porter recently shared how their church is active in the effort to Change a Child’s Story. They are members of the mission committee at Mt. Hope United Methodist Church, which is located south of Denver and north of Waterloo just east of Highway 63.

They met with the elementary principal and librarian for Denver schools to determine the book needs of their students. Teachers helped to identify homes where books could be given, and the church purchased 44 books to distribute to students based on each child’s reading level and interest before the summer break.

Peg and Jo also contacted other organizations working with children and provided 157 books to them. The Discovery Center in Denver, which offers preschool, after-school and summer programs, received books for children ages two to five. The Denver Clinic and Peoples Clinic in Waterloo received books for children and youth from ages seven to sixteen.

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