Sidewalk Sunday School

This summer, children in Fort Dodge are learning about the Ten Commandments thanks to the Sidewalk Sunday School of First United Methodist Church and partner organizations in Fort Dodge. The leaders of this mobile ministry share the gospel by “Taking It to the People.” Since 2003 they have set up in area parks around the city for events that often reach as many as 200 each week.Sidewalk.ftdodge

Their ministry is based on the principles of John Wesley and others of the early Methodist movement in 18th-century England. Church members go out in their neighborhoods to share the love of God through Jesus Christ to friends and strangers alike.

Participants can look forward to food, music, stories, games, and lots of fun. The central message of the Sidewalk Sunday School is simple and succinct: “God loves me. God loves you. God loves everybody!!!” The congregation takes inspiration for this ministry from Matthew 5:16. “Let your light shine before others so they can see the good things you do” and praise God (CEB).

A Matthew 25 grant of $3,250 from the North Central District helped to support this ministry in 2015. These district funds are made possible by apportionment gifts from United Methodist churches all across the state of Iowa.

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