Black College Fund

The A’Cappella Choir from Rust College visited the Iowa Conference last month from their home in Holly Springs, Mississippi. They sang several times over the course of the conference, including the laity session, opening worship, and a celebration in honor of Bishop and Mrs. Julius C. Trimble.ACapellaChoir.Rust.College

Rust College was established in 1866 by the Freedman’s Aid Society of the Methodist Episcopal Church. Its founders were missionaries from the North who opened a school in Asbury Methodist Episcopal Church, accepting adults of all ages, as well as children, for instruction in elementary subjects. A year later the first building on the present campus was erected.

The Iowa Conference has had a long-standing relationship with the school since 1931. Over the years many people from Iowa have served on the Rust College Board of Trustees. In addition, the choir and other representatives of the school have been frequent guests in Iowa to enrich our shared mission to develop principled Christian leaders.

General church apportionments from the gifts of the United Methodist churches of Iowa help to sustain Rust College through the Black College Fund. The fund was established in 1972 to provide a constant reliable way to support United Methodist-related historically Black colleges. Today we support eleven such institutions—more than any other religious denomination.

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