Conference Moves

Many of our local churches are saying good-bye to their pastors and receiving new ones this month. Since the 2016 Iowa Conference met in early June, pastors and their families who are anticipating moves this summer have been packing their belongings and making plans for living in a new home. Similarly, local church trustees have been cleaning parsonages and caring for various improvements and repairs in anticipation of new residents.hawkeye.moving

The Conference Council on Finance and Administration has contracted with Hawkeye Moving Services to provide professional, low-cost relocation of pastors and their households. The moves are spread over a three-week period and scheduled to provide at least two days for work to be done on the parsonage while it is empty between occupants.

This year the Iowa Conference is investing approximately $35,000 in moving expenses. These funds are made possible through the apportionment gifts of the United Methodist churches of Iowa.

The Conference provides $100,000 in insurance coverage for each move and pays for moving household goods up to 14,000 pounds. Another $500 is available to cover the costs of loading and/or additional stops, such as the church office. Churches do not incur moving costs directly when they have a change in pastors. Likewise, pastors are only billed for expenses that exceed the weight load limit.

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