Sixty Years of Camping

Saturday, June 4th, was a special time of celebration at our Wesley Woods Camp and Retreat Center. Over 150 alumni and families participated in a staff reunion to mark sixty years of ministry at the camp. They had time to reminisce together and explore many of the improvements to the facilities over the years.


The previous week was spent completing final preparations for a season of summer camp. Summer workers received a variety of specialized training, including outpost staff (pictured) who stayed in covered wagons.

When Saturday finally arrived, they were joined by more than 300 people for their 2016 summer camp kickoff in conjunction with the reunion. Participants came to enjoy a variety of activities that are available at Wesley Woods, including their zip line, a climbing wall, an archery course, fishing ponds, a swimming pool, horse rides, carnival games, and the aquatic playground at Broken Arrow pond.

The day concluded with supper followed by a worship service, reminding both staff and guests about the core purpose of Wesley Woods and its ministries. “Through exploring the outdoors, being mentored by our staff, cooking over fires, attending worship, having tons of fun and developing new skills, each camper has an opportunity to learn a little more about who they are” as a child of God.

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