The Home Connection

Sompong and his four children have moved from a life of turmoil to one of tranquility thanks to Hawthorn Hill. His former wife’s abusive behavior led to their children being removed from the home and put in foster care. After one long year of parenting classes and counseling, Sompong was finally awarded full custody of his kids.Sompong-and-family

In September of 2009 the family entered The Home Connection, a ministry of Hawthorn Hill, which has been providing supportive housing for Iowa homeless families with children since 1986. The Home Connection’s goal is “to move families with children from homelessness to permanent housing with an emphasis on financial independence.”

In the five years since being placed in their Home Connection house, the family has exhibited dedication and resilience. Two of his children are college students pursuing careers in medicine and business, respectively. Their younger siblings are in high school and middle school.

Sompong was able to pay off all of his debts and save money for a house. In October of 2014 he made a down payment on a three-bedroom Habitat for Humanity home supported with Home Connection escrow funds. Now he and his children have moved into their own home.

The United Methodist churches of Iowa have contributed $18,000 in the last year to Hawthorn Hill through their apportionment gifts.



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