Simpson Sunday

The Rev. Mara Bailey, our United Methodist chaplain at Simpson College, has been helping the school connect more directly with the United Methodist churches of Iowa. mara_bailey

Simpson Sunday is a program she designed at the suggestion of Simpson’s president, Jay Simmons. Students and faculty are traveling throughout the state to visit with the people of our local churches. They are presenting sermons, showing videos, and visiting with Sunday school classes as a part of the effort.

“For me,” she writes, “it goes back to John Wesley, who felt so strongly that educational institutions should exist alongside the church.”

The 2016 Spring edition of Simpson: The Magazine highlights the partnership of the college with our local churches in two separate articles.  In her Chaplain’s Message entitled, “A Blessed Connection,” she quotes John Wesley describing to his brother Charles the importance of the relationship between the heart and the mind. “Let us unite the two so long divided, knowledge and vital piety.”

The mission statement of Simpson College reflects this same idea when it asserts a commitment to “drawing upon our relationship with the United Methodist Church and our religious traditions that guide us on issues of personal integrity, moral responsibility, social justice and global citizenship.”

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