Prison Release Ministry

Women at the Well United Methodist Church is helping prisoners in Mitchellville return to life on the outside. Pastor Lee Schott is “excited for Alicia who just completed a year with her reentry team.”watw

She was released from the Iowa Correctional Facility for Women in December of 2013. Almost immediately, however, she was sent back to prison because of parole violations.

Alicia came to Pastor Schott to talk about how things had gone wrong during her release. In the process she continued deepening her walk with Jesus Christ.

When she was approaching her release in December 2014, she was asked about working with a reentry team again. She looked surprised. “I thought I had burned that bridge,” she said.  But through a special consultation process she was given the opportunity to work with a team.

She has done very well in this most recent parole.  She wrote back last March expressing her thanks for “the possibility of a second chance” and the support of her great reentry team.

Women at the Well United Methodist Church receives Matthew 25 grants from several districts in the Iowa Conference, including $1,650 from the South Central District last year, thanks to apportionment gifts from our local churches across the state. Visit their website or find them on Facebook to learn more.