God’s Little House, Mapleton

The Sioux City Journal published an article last week, featuring a mission project begun by St. John’s United Methodist Church in Mapleton.

God’s Little House was originally a donated property next to the church building. Members had planned to tear down the structure to build a parking lot until a vision emerged for a different purpose.

The two-story house has been used as a rent-free, temporary shelter for people in need. The Journal article reports that guests have stayed there for a variety of reasons from just passing through the area to recovering from tornado-damaged homes.God's.Little.House

The ministry has grown into an ecumenical effort involving all five churches in town who each have representatives on the governing board for God’s Little House. The whole community has come together with donations to keep the house furnished with bedding and dishes. The city has even covered utilities when the house has been vacant.

A significant renovation project in 2010 was funded in part with a Matthew 25 grant from the Northwest District, which was made possible by apportionment gifts from the United Methodist churches of Iowa. At that time the gift provided for the replacement of an old furnace with a new heat-pump furnace and air conditioning unit.


One thought on “God’s Little House, Mapleton

  1. Cherie Morse January 4, 2016 / 6:42 pm

    Reblogged this on My Scripture Understanding and commented:
    The church where I intern at has this house, and it’s simply wonderful to have the opportunity to work with the church, and the house. God is good!

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