Iowa Religious Media Services

For the past thirty years Iowa Religious Media Services has been providing resources for Christian education in partnership with the United Methodist Church and other Christian denominations in Iowa.irms

IRMS is an ecumenical lending library with over 10,000 DVD, VHS, audio, book, and other resources available for use by subscribers and renters. Executive Director Sharon E. Strohmaier says that IRMS is “committed to providing religious media resources to assist with faith formation and growth of the whole person, including exploration of the Bible and religious issues.”

Their staff members are available to help borrowers through the process of resource selection and use. They can significantly increase customer satisfaction with the resources provided for Sunday school classes, Bible studies, and other groups of the local church. IRMS continues to build the library of religious media to serve their subscribers with up-to-date, high quality resources.

Subscribing churches pay a nominal yearly fee and then borrow resources free of charge as often as they like. Those who do not choose to subscribe may rent resources for a weekly fee.

The Iowa Conference most recently contributed an annual gift of $69,000 to the ministry of IRMS, which was made possible with apportionment contributions from United Methodist churches across the state.

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