Teachers for Africa

Uzajja Dauda Adamu will be completing his work in 2016 on a Master’s Degree at Africa University thanks in part to generous support from Iowa donors. He is one of several school teachers being trained for leadership as a part of the Iowa Nigeria Partnership.Uzajja,Dauda

He is a faculty member at Banyam Theological Seminary. Nestled in the lush, green hills of east-central Nigeria, BTS trains pastors and other leaders in education, health, agriculture, water well projects, microfinancing, and village partnerships.

This year Uzajja Dauda also participated in an internship at the Development Exchange Center in Bauchi, Nigeria.  He focused on four areas in the organization: education, good governance, peace building, and sustainable community development.

The Iowa Nigeria Partnership celebrated 25 years of service and collaboration in 2015. Over the years INP has supported the education of many Nigerian students at Africa University with the expectation that these students will return to Nigeria to take leadership roles in the United Methodist Church there.

Africa University is one of the General Church apportionments of the global United Methodist connection. In 2016 the Iowa Conference has committed $37,556 to Africa University. These funds are made possible from the generous apportionment gifts of the United Methodist churches of Iowa.

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