Helping Hands

Church members from Sheldahl and Slater joined together recently to initiate outreach to residents living in a local trailer court. Both churches had identified serving the community as an important focus for their ministry after completing consultations with the Healthy Church Initiative, a ministry supported by apportionment gifts from the United Methodist churches of Iowa.hcilogo2015

With a firm foundation in prayer, they put flyers on all of the trailers and talked with people they met along the way, inviting residents to a free meal. Their pastor, Emily Peasley, said, “Those who came were very appreciative, and one even called later to say thanks!”

This ministry team, now organized as a community group in partnership with Bethlehem Lutheran Church and others, is called Helping Hands. “The reason we did it was we know there are some hungry kids and families there.” It also just gave participants a chance to get acquainted with people. Residents were able to meet others they didn’t know who lived in the mobile home park.

They put contact information on the bags of cookies they gave away. They plan to stay in touch with the park manager, who also attended the event. They want to do another meal sometime on site again.

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