COSROW Ambassador Award

Betsy Piette was recognized at the 2015 Iowa Annual Conference for her work to empower women and create a more inclusive church. The Commission on the Status and Role of Women (COSROW) gave her this year’s Ambassador Award, which was created to recognize individuals who are committed to the full inclusion of women, especially those who are on the margins of the church and society.piette

Betsy is most well known for her work a pastor in Parkersburg and neighboring New Hartford after a devastating tornado struck that area in 2008. Her ministry has included studies in the two-year Academy for New Ministry Development. She has also served as the chairperson of COSROW for the Iowa Conference.

“Her faithful ministering to those around her,” her award highlighted, “has included an abiding concern to be inclusive in liturgy and the overall worship experience.” This tribute was a fitting way to mark her retirement at the end of 2014.

The Ambassador Award honors advocates who stand with women in the midst of their pain and joy, catalysts who inspire women to become leaders, and monitors who act to promote the involvement of women in every aspect of the United Methodist Church. Apportionment gifts from the United Methodist churches of Iowa help to support the ministry of COSROW.

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