Thurman VBS

A young man in Thurman was inspired to learn more about faith when he helped with Vacation Bible School. Mobile United Methodist Missionaries (MUMMS) works with local church leaders in support of outreach to children primarily in rural parts of southern Iowa. MUMMS, which is supported by apportionment gifts from the United Methodist churches of Iowa, is well known for its summer ministry of Vacation Bible Schools. Their director, Cherie Miner, was in Thurman in southwest Iowa for one such event early in June. mumms

One 8th-grade boy served as their puppeteer for the experience. The puppets provided an engaging way to share the love of Jesus with the children who were participating in the VBS. The young man also exhibited leadership during recreation time by playing with the younger kids and pushing the park merry-go-round for them.

On the final morning of VBS, he asked Pastor Jan Phillips, “What’s confirmation?” When she explained, he said, “I’d be interested in that.” And that was the beginning. All that morning, he peppered Pastor Jan with theological questions, including about the Trinity. By the time lunch was finished, Pastor Jan had a confirmation class organized for this fall.

For more information about how your congregation can get involved with and be supported by MUMMS activities, visit their website at

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