Street Repairs Give Birth to New Ministry

A street repair project in front of Calvary United Methodist Church in Ames has created a new opportunity for ministry. When 24th Street, the major artery right in front of their church property, was scheduled for months of repair this summer, the residents in that neighborhood had no place to park their cars. calvary.ames

Church members reached out in love and wrote a letter to everyone living on that street. They announced a time when they would hand out special parking cards that could be placed on the windshield of the car. During these months, their neighbors’ vehicles would be welcome to park in Calvary’s spacious lot.

When the repairs are finally completed this fall, the church is planning to host a grand celebration with food and entertainment. Everyone from the neighborhood will be invited to attend. The congregation hopes that this experience will help them nurture relationships with the people of their community.

Pastor Emmanuel Dass and leaders of the congregation have recently completed a series of leadership training workshops offered through the Healthy Church Initiative process, which is sponsored in part with apportionment gifts from the United Methodist churches of Iowa. Calvary is preparing for a church consultation this September, when they will explore additional ways to grow as a vibrant, spirit-filled congregation.

One thought on “Street Repairs Give Birth to New Ministry

  1. icilda lawrence August 14, 2015 / 1:20 pm

    this is for pastor Okine (both pastors) it is indeed a blessing to have read some of the things the Lord is leading you both to do for His sake. please continue as I pray you on. lots of blessings continue to follow. praise the Lord.sister in Christ Cil, Florida

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