Homeless Ministry

The Street Team is a homeless ministry of The Center at St. John’s United Methodist Church in Davenport. Designed to meet the basic needs of homeless people in their area, they collect and pass out health kits, hygiene kits, blankets, and packaged food.street.team

Last year a local study by Community Health Care, Inc. of the Quad Cities found that shelters in Scott County are housing 220 people, including families, each month. Even with 210 shelter beds available, ten to twelve people per month are turned away because the facilities have reached their capacity. An estimated 47 homeless persons are not receiving any services at all.

The unsheltered clients of the Street Team live in parks, under bridges, on the riverfront, in cars, behind dumpsters, and in building nooks and crannies. Because many people struggle with addictions or mental illness, homeless outreach is often the only way some will consider seeking shelter services.

The personal contact of ministry participants makes a huge difference in the lives of homeless individuals. George, for instance, in a video interview on the ministry’s website said, “If they weren’t around, I guarantee I wouldn’t be surviving out here.” Apportionment gifts from United Methodist churches throughout Iowa help to support this homeless ministry.

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