One Hundred Years of Camping Ministry

The Lake Okoboji United Methodist Camp and Retreat Center is celebrating 100 years of ministry in 2015. Their mission is “to provide sacred space where Jesus Christ transforms lives, persons grow in Christian discipleship, and leaders are developed to empower their local churches in the world.”okoboji

Last month Ken Barringer stopped by the campgrounds when he and his wife Joan were visiting Iowa from their home in Florida. He recalled growing up in Graettinger. Heber Miller shared the love of Christ with him as a youth when Rev. Miller was his camp counselor. Ken said that as a soldier in WWII his faith in God was the only thing that got him through some of the difficult times.

The Barringers rested for a few minutes on the Heber Swings that are in memory of his friend and mentor in the faith. Ken’s camping experience and love of Christ has stayed with him his entire life as a youth, veteran, professor, and mental health counselor. He said that while many things have changed at Camp Okoboji, the positive impact that camping makes on the lives of youth and adults is still the same.

Apportionment gifts from the United Methodist churches of Iowa help to support this ministry.

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