Acceptance Deepens the Faith of a UNI Student

A message of acceptance from the Wesley Foundation at the University of Northern Iowa in Cedar Falls helped to nurture a student’s faith. He wrote the following testimony: Threehouse

“I started attending worship on Wednesday nights at the Wesley Center on campus towards the beginning of this year. I grew up in a Missouri Synod Lutheran Church which, being gay, was not the healthiest of experiences. I never considered myself very close to God and when I came out my freshman year of college, I questioned many things about my faith. My family was not supportive of my lifestyle because of their faith, which made it even more difficult to sort out my relationship with God. Throughout college I did not attend a church regularly until I started coming to the Wesley Center my junior year. . . .

“One Wednesday night service at the Wesley Center I had what I could only describe as an epiphany. I had never before in my life heard God speak to me so clearly. I realized that God did not make me gay to make me happier or for any other self-fulfilling reason. . . . God blessed me with an inner peace of who I am and I want to help others find that same peace within them.”

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