MUMMS Hires a Summer Assistant

Paige Jensen, a junior at the University of Northern Iowa from Hedrick, will be working as a summer assistant for MUMMS. Mobile United Methodist Missionaries is a ministry of the Iowa Conference supported in part by a Matthew 25 grant from the Southwest District through apportionment gifts from United Methodist churches across the state.

Paige.JensenMUMMS is well known for its Vacation Bible School ministry. Paige will be a part of the MUMMS team in 2015, working with local church leaders in their outreach to children primarily in rural parts of southern Iowa. A mission trip she took in high school with her youth group from Prairie View United Methodist Church inspired her interest in MUMMS. The group traveled to Newport, Tennessee, and helped with a VBS in a local park. Many of the children “knew who Jesus was,” she said, but parents didn’t seem to care. She was pleased that an invitation to parents to come to a celebratory meal at the end of the week “sparked their interest.”

This year fifteen sites for Bible schools have been set up, including Bagley, Coin, Silver City, Thurman, and Yale in the Southwest District. MUMMS director, Cherie Miner, and her senior summer assistant, Allison Engel, will be working with Paige throughout the spring to finalize plans for these events.

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