Amor y Paz, Des Moines

Miller United Methodist Church on the east side of Des Moines held it’s final service in its 114-year history on Sunday, June 10, 2012. At the same time it celebrated the beginning of a new chapter of ministry in that location by giving the church to the Hispanic-Latino outreach of Las Americas Comunidad de Fe. Amor y Paz (Love and Peace) is supported with apportionment gifts from United Methodist churches across the state of Iowa as a part of our strategic priority of creating new communities of faith.

Enrique and Saúl arrived in Des Moines from Guatemala at the end of 2013. Without any family in the city, they found themselves with friends who were bad influences on their lives. They worked minimum wage jobs and struggled to make ends meet as they were coping with addictions to alcohol.

Slowly, the great affection they received from Amor y Paz helped them overcome their addictions. They now “testify to the abundance that God has placed in their lives” and have connected again with their estranged father. Both young men are leaders in the church. Their pastor, Manuel Catalan, says that “Saúl and Enrique are the example of love that Christ has for each of us.”

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