Thrive United Methodist Church

Two teen-aged sisters have been reaching out to young people in the children’s ministry of Thrive United Methodist Church. Thrive, “a growing new community in West Des Moines that is trying to bring people together to live like Jesus,” was begun with the support of First United Methodist Church in Ankeny and conference apportionment gifts from local United Methodist churches throughout Iowa.

Jeremy Poland, their appointed pastor, launched the church’s weekly worship service last fall. He has been moved by the two sisters, “who have been inspired to share their powerful gifts with our humble congregation.”

These young women are leaders in Thrive’s children’s ministries every week, sharing “Christ’s love with our littlest disciples.” As the sisters teach lessons from the Bible, they encourage the children and share lots of laughs. By investing themselves in those younger than them, they offer “a perfect example of what it looks like to love like Jesus does.”

The sisters are also the reason their parents attend worship at Thrive United Methodist Church. Their simple message of invitation is, “This is where we really feel close to God.”

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