Prison Ministry Offers Grace in Mitchellville

watwPeople like “Marcie” receive the support of Christian community through the ministries of Women at the Well, a United Methodist church located within the walls of the prison in Mitchellville just east of Des Moines. Marcie has repeatedly told her pastor, Lee Schott, that she regrets “the tragedy that I brought upon my family” which led to her imprisonment.

“You need not be defined by the worst fifteen minutes of your life,” Pastor Schott recently told Marcie and others at Women at the Well. As United Methodist churches everywhere often say, God’s grace is available to all who repent and seek newest of life through Jesus Christ. This message of redemption is at the heart of the ministry of Women at the Well UMC.

Pastor Schott’s work takes her outside of the prison regularly to build relationships with local churches who share a passion for the ministry. She can be found preaching in pulpits across the state. Groups from these partner churches are often guests for worship on Thursday evenings at the prison. They also support Women at the Well ministries both financially and through volunteer opportunities throughout the year.

Women at the Well UMC receives support from Matthew 25 grants from several districts. Those funds are made possible by apportionment gifts from United Methodist churches across the state of Iowa. Learn more at

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