Refresh at Collegiate Wesley in Ames

Students at Iowa State University are invited this semester to Refresh! Collegiate Wesley, a ministry partnership between Collegiate United Methodist Church and the Wesley Foundation Student Center in Ames, is offering students a sampling of different spiritual disciplines, Bible study techniques, styles of prayer, and meditation practices to help them make stronger connections with God and others by nurturing their minds, bodies, and spirits.

Last week they began with a Myers/Briggs personality sorter to understand unconcious practices for processing information as well as relating to others. They will use what they have learned throughout the semester to figure out which spiritual disciplines enhance different facets of their personalities—what styles of worship, prayer, Bible study, and devotional practices work best for each individual. Week by week on Tuesday evenings they will focus on a different practice, beginning by learning and discussing the basics, then taking time to try it out and, finally, wrapping up every session by discussing what students think about it.

Collegiate Wesley is a center for spiritual growth where persons grow as disciples of Christ in a passionate, thinking, inclusive environment to nourish spirits, explore beliefs, and serve their neighbors. Apportionment gifts from United Methodist churches across the state help to support this ministry.

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