Sidewalk Monday School

Our Savior United Methodist Church has been reaching out to the children of Manson during the last two summers by hosting a Sidewalk Monday School. Last year’s events were every Monday from June 30 through August 18.

They invited all area children from pre-K through 6th grade to the lawn of the local Good Samaritan Home from 10:30 a.m. to noon. The format for the Sidewalk Monday School was much like a Vacation Bible School. Each week the kids gathered to enjoy a Bible story, sing songs, play games, and eat lunch together.

Matthew 25 funds from the North Central District, made possible with apportionment gifts from United Methodist churches across the state of Iowa, helped to purchase gifts for the Sidewalk Monday School. Church members supplemented the costs for this community outreach ministry, which provided such things as skateboards, balls, dolls, water toys, goggles, and sidewalk chalk to participating children.

The members of Our Savior UMC focus their efforts to create disciples for Christ through outreach and evangelism. They use the initials of their name to remind them of God’s calling on their lives: “One Spirit Uplifting Many by Sharing our Savior’s Love.”

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