Health Benefits

Pastors and conference staff throughout the state recently completed the open enrollment phase of the 2015 health insurance program earlier this month. This ministry of the Board of Pension and Health Benefits of the Iowa Conference provides health care coverage and related benefits for individuals—and their families, when desired—who are serving United Methodist churches and their related agencies.

While local churches are billed directly for their health insurance coverage for the pastors who serve them, administrative costs are supported in part through apportionment gifts from United Methodist congregations throughout Iowa. The Director of Human Resources and Conference Benefits Officer, a position currently held by Joni Mardesen, and her staff care for the maintenance of health and pension plans for the Iowa Conference as well as related expenses, such as “audit and legal fees, fiduciary insurance cost, meeting costs, bank fees,” and other services.

The governing board is chaired by Beverlee Bell, who currently serves as our pastor in Winterset. Members of the board are elected from across the state, including laity and clergy from all eight districts.

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