Iowa Wesley

Anna Blaedel, the new director of the Wesley Center at the University of Iowa, recently described her call to ministry. Twelve years ago she was a student at the University of Iowa. The Wesley Foundation “was where I felt and began to articulate a call to ordained ministry in The United Methodist Church.”

She sited the influenced of the campus ministers who supported her, the late Paul Shultz and Marsha Acord. They “touched and shaped my life and faith in powerful and lasting ways, as they have with so many lives.” Now she works, as they did, to cultivate a campus ministry devoted to “worship, service and learning, deepening discipleship, . . . transforming lives.”

Students today are giving testimony to the ministries at the Wesley Center. Abbie Buhr said that “Wesley is a home, a place where I can come to ponder the deep and the meaningful. I would not have made it through my first semester at (the University of) Iowa without Wesley.”

Apportionment gifts from United Methodist churches across the state of Iowa help to support the ministry of the Wesley Foundation in Iowa City. Learn more about them online at or visit them at

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