Re-Membering Community

Broadway United Methodist Church in Indianapolis is a Christian community that “seeks, welcomes, and values all people.” Two of their leaders, including pastor Mike Mather, spent time in Iowa over the weekend to share their approach to creative community ministry. The visit was sponsored by the Southeast and South Central Districts with apportionment gifts from local United Methodist churches throughout the state.

De’Amon Harges is the congregation’s Roving Listener. His work takes him house to house and block by block in the neighborhood of the church to discover what each person has to offer. He is a part of the church’s asset-based, rather than needs-based, approach to ministry.

He asserts that his work is not so much about building community as re-membering it. God has already made us community by placing us in the proximity of each other. How can we discover or put back together, that is “re-member,” who God has already created us to be?

He wore a purple t-shirt during his presentation that read, “I am more than what you see.” To practice this philosophy, he invited the group to share a Zulu greeting with each other, “Sawubona,” which means, “We see you.” He wanted participants to notice each other in order to know one another more deeply.

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