Collegiate Wesley, Ames

The students and staff at Collegiate United Methodist Church and Wesley Student Center in Ames are extensions of our local churches on the campus of Iowa State University. Citing 1 Thessalonians 5:11, they affirm their role as God’s people “to ‘lift one another up,’ to provide support in difficult times, to help get one another moving.”

In a recent article they compare themselves to the sponsons that were used to retrieve the luxury cruise ship, the Consta Concordia, that ran aground off the coast of Italy in January 2012. “Salvage crews sank 30 steel boxes, or sponsons, next to the wreck, attached them with huge chains, then pumped out the water in the sponsons and pumped them full of air. The now bouyant sponsons began to rise to the surface, bringing the ship with them.”

Just as the sponsons lifted up the ship, “communities of faith such as local churches and Wesley Foundation campus ministries” lift up people, connecting them with God, fostering their discipleship as followers of Jesus, and sending them out to transform the world.

Apportionment gifts from local churches across the state act as sponsons for campus ministries as they engage in the “holy work of lifting and supporting students, faculty, and staff at our universities. . . . Thank you for being our sponsons and helping us do the same for others.”

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