Mobile United Methodist Missionaries

Mobile United Methodist Missionaries (MUMMS) is ready for another dynamic summer of spreading the gospel message throughout southern Iowa. Vacation Bible Schools and JOY (Jesus, Others, and You) Camp have been staples of this rural ministry of the Iowa Conference, which is supported in part throughout apportionment gifts and a host of volunteers primarily from small churches.

In the last year the founding director of MUMMS, Peg Egbert, has retired. Now Cherie Miner is serving as their full-time director, bringing a passion for children and the gospel of Jesus Christ to her work that we hope will lead to many more stories like Peyton’s.

Peyton attended a MUMMS-sponsored camp the first time at the age of nine. Although initially shy, he had so much fun that he became a repeat camper for several years. Camp became a refuge for Peyton from the struggles of his life, including the divorce of his parents when he was young. As a teenager, he confided, “I asked Jesus to come into my heart at camp and ever since then my life has been better.” Now, twelve years later, he has been accepted into seminary. He is excited to being called by God to offer Christ’s love to this broken world.

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