Healthy Church Initiative at Farmington

The Farmington United Methodist Church just completed a weekend consultation provided as a part of the Healthy Church Initiative process offered through the Iowa Conference. At the close of the event, the consultation team wrote a report that they hoped would “motivate the congregation to continue to partner with God for the sake of God’s mission in the community and beyond.”

The Healthy Church Initiative is an intentional leadership development process designed to enhance the skills of pastors and laity to lead growing, vibrant, spirit-filled congregations. Participants gather in continuous learning communities to pray and study together throughout the process. Each meeting results in a self-selected action step for each participant and congregation. This cycle of action and reflection, similar to the class meetings in the early Methodist movement, strengthens leaders and produces the fruit of ministry God desires.

The process consists of three basic components: a series of workshops, a local church consultation, and individualized coaching. The Farmington congregation began with a study designed especially for small churches and moved forward to the consultation, the second step in the process. All of the Healthy Church Initiative process is underwritten in part with apportionment gifts from United Methodist churches across the state of Iowa. Learn more at

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