Bidwell Riverside Center

Bidwell Riverside Center, located on the south side of Des Moines, “envisions a future where no one lives in poverty and every person has the opportunity for a positive future.”

Cyndi, a single mother with three children, initially came to Bidwell after she had lost her job due to work force reduction. Although highly motivated to regain stability, two months into her job search Cyndi did not have a job offer yet and her savings was depleted. Bidwell provided support to maintain her apartment and meet the basic needs of her family while her job search continued.

Cyndi was offered a position in December. However, just prior to her start date, a slip on the ice broke her back in two locations, several ribs, and her wrist. Bidwell’s services have continued to assist Cyndi and her family during her recovery. Anne Bacon, the Executive Director of Bidwell, wrote, “All of the work done to assist Cyndi and her children was made possible through a unique partnership between Bidwell and Walnut Hills United Methodist Church.”

Apportionment gifts from the United Methodist churches in Iowa contribute to the ministries of Bidwell Riverside Center through the Community and Institutional Ministries fund of the Iowa Board of Global Ministries.

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