Threehouse (No, It’s Not a Typo!)

The University of Northern Iowa Wesley Foundation is reaching out to a younger generation in a ministry called Threehouse.

On their website they describe Threehouse as a combination of three ideas:

Trinity. “Our belief in a relational God that wants us to grow in compassion with God. God relates to us through Godself, through the son Jesus Christ, and through the Holy Spirit.”

Third Places. “Not school, not work, but that other place where community happens. Think Starbucks, but with less pretension and more cool.”

Tree Houses. “Playful, creative, safe, and green. Our building is green certified.”

The Wesley Foundation at UNI is a campus ministry supported by apportionment gifts from United Methodist churches all over Iowa. “John Wesley,” Threehouse reminds us, “was himself a campus minister at Oxford University. Methodism has a rich tradition of social activism and personal growth.”

People from many different walks of faith have been a part of Threehouse, including, of course, those with United Methodist background. Cory Viereck, a senior at UNI from Larchwood, writes, “Threehouse has an amazingly comfortable environment and I want to bring more people in on what they offer; sanctuary, guidance, friendship, openness, creativity, and some of the most comfortable couches this side of the Mississippi.”


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