Transportation Ministry

St. Paul’s United Methodist Church in Waterloo is reaching out to others through a transportation ministry. They noticed that a number of people were unable to attend worship and other activities at the church because they had no transportation or they could not drive due to a handicapping condition.

The congregation now has a handicapped-accessible bus available on the first Sunday of every month to bring in persons who are confined to wheelchairs and elderly who do not have access to transportation. Members and non-members alike in their neighborhood have benefited from this service.

Because of the success of this ministry, a new need has come to their attention. Pastor Jae Hee Lee writes, “We want to add electric-powered doors to the restrooms and perhaps to the rear entrance” in order for the church building to become more accessible. “This will be great for our outreach opportunities and the many ways we serve as a center for the community.”

A Matthew 25 grant from the Northeast District helped the church with this project by providing funds to pay for the bus transportation from area care centers to the church. Conference apportionment gifts from the local United Methodist churches of Iowa made the Matthew 25 grant possible.

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