Nodaway Valley Free Clinic

The Nodaway Valley Free Clinic (NVFC) provides free medical care to the people of Clarinda and the surrounding area. They offer examinations, diagnoses, diagnostic tests, administrative support (applying to medicine discount programs), pharmaceuticals, necessary medical transportation, education about care of chronic conditions, and follow-up and accountability for care.

The clinic is open three Thursday evenings per month to extend basic health care services to people without other means of support. Their volunteers include physicians, nurses, and other health professionals, as well as support staff, who are available at no cost to patients. Five churches in the area support the NCFC with regular volunteers, including two pastors.

The NVFC is a part of the Free Clinics of Iowa, the largest network of free medical clinics in the state. This donor-supported, not-for-profit organization has over 30 clinics in both rural and urban settings.

The NVFC is supported in part through a Matthew 25 grant from the Southwest District. These funds are made available from apportionment donations given by local United Methodist churches of the Iowa Conference.

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