Innovative Ministry

Five innovative pastors recently talked about their passion for local church ministry in making disciples of Jesus Christ for the transformation of the world. Cindy Hickman, pastor at Bloomfield UMC on the southeast side of Des Moines, described one parishioner who felt a calling to go to an area laudromat to greet people. Although the idea felt a little peculiar at first, it remains an ongoing Saturday morning ministry of the congregation.

Brody Tubaugh, pastor of Carson in the Southwest District, focused on the importance of developing relationships in the community. One way members of the church reach out, for example, is by wearing t-shirts in the school colors at ball games. Phil Dicks, pastor in Grundy Center, also shared the important of connecting in the community. He regularly tells others about their church’s goal to “find the invisible people” and make a difference in their lives.

Alecia Williams, pastor at First UMC in North Liberty, discussed their growing outreach to the Latino community in the area. John Gaulke, pastor in Altoona, talked about the importance of small groups in growing churches. Plans are underway to share the stories of these and other innovators across the state to celebrate how God is alive in the ministries of our United Methodist churches.

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