Children and Family Urban Movement, Des Moines

A teen-aged poet from Des Moines has been nurtured through the Children and Family Urban Movement (CFUM) in Des Moines. Recently featured in a January 3rd article in The Des Moines Register, Lorena San Elias said, “I enjoy writing poetry because it’s a different type of music.”

The article celebrates a new book of poetry written by Ms. San Elias. “I hope to inspire more poets and younger poets to keep on writing.” She received support and encouragement herself from a noted poet in the area, Joyce Rupp.

CFUM recently announced a name change from Children and Family Urban Ministries. The language reflects the movement “driven by the ideals of the worth and potential of each and of all, the abundance intended for each and for all, the draw of justice within and beyond us, the power in community.” CFUM remains a partner in ministry with its founding organization, Trinity United Methodist Church in Des Moines.

“The mission of CFUM,” as noted on their website, “is to create a community to support the potential of children, youth, and families through educational success, healthy living, and community engagement.” CFUM is a mission agency of the Iowa Conference of the United Methodist Church.

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