South Central District Hispanic Coordinator

The Rev. Rosa Marie Rodriguez was appointed last September to be the new Hispanic Ministry Coordinator in the South Central District. She has moved from Des Moines to Osceola to begin her work. In October she started holding Spanish-language services at the Osceola United Methodist Church on Sunday afternoons. Twelve people attended worship on the very first Sunday.

Once she becomes established in Osceola, she hopes to begin new outreach in another community in the district. Paul Smith, the conference superintendent for the South Central District, thanked the Osceola congregation for their hospitality to this ministry, including the use of their facilities. “I am excited about welcoming our neighbors. I am excited about new people and communities of faith where people can experience the love of Jesus Christ. I am excited that we all get to be involved in something that has eternal blessings.”

The South Central District Hispanic Coordinator’s ministry is made possible with South Central District Askings contributions from local churches. Additional financial support is provided from conference apportionments through the Standing Committee on Hispanic Ministries of the Iowa Board of Global Ministries.

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