Board of Pension

Local church pastors are working with the Iowa Conference Board of Pension as they enroll for health care coverage in 2014.

The Conference Board of Pension (CBOP) is to “have charge of the interests and work of providing for and contributing to the support, relief, assistance, and pensioning of clergy and their families, other church workers, and lay employees of The United Methodist Church, its institutions, organizations, and agencies within the Annual Conference.”

The Board’s Committee on Health Insurance works to provide health care coverage to active clergy and lay staff through Wellmark Blue Cross/Blue Shield of Iowa and contracted services through ExtendHealth to manage the retiree Medicare insurance program. The Board continues to monitor the health insurance plans for active clergy and to promote wellness within our conference and are taking steps to broaden these programs.

The cost of maintaining these various plans as well as audit and legal fees, fiduciary insurance cost, meeting costs, bank fees, contract with Conference offices for services and other normal administrative costs are funded through apportionment gifts from local churches throughout the Iowa Conference.

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