Lakes United Methodist Church

Lake View now has a youth center on Main Street thanks to the people of the United Methodist Church and support from a Matthew 25 grant from the Northwest District.

They wanted to give children and youth a place of their own where they can talk, play games, or just “hang out.” No space was available in the church building, so they looked elsewhere to help to retain current participants in their ministries. Furthermore, “having a separate facility dedicated to our kids and youth will enhanced the church’s opportunity to reach all of our community’s youngsters,” wrote Pastor Dave Schumann.

The center provides a safe place for teens to be together with adult supervision. It can also be a location for special events, such as Christian band concerts.

They are currently exploring expansion of the ministry to serve 30- to 40-year-olds in the area. Activities for these younger adults would be designed especially for them on Friday nights.

The youth center’s physical presence is good exposure for Lakes United Methodist Church in the community. “More importantly it speaks about our church’s commitment to our kids and youth, and positive words like that spread like wildfire!”

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